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Uh, sucked and stuff. Because I was stuck in Riverside and I have no friends cause I'm a big loser. But hey! I finished my art project. (Drawing and shading a bunch of stupid shapes oh joy) And to my surprise I ACTUALLY did my physics, although it took eme abou 3 hours to think about starting, 3 hours to start..and 3 more hours to do it. There were quite a few breaks in between that involved me doing a whole lot of nothing.

A lil nervous for tomorrow..going to courthouse in the morning to speak my half of the whole custody thinger. Haven't spoken to my father since that day he came down to the school and argued.He's still stuck on this lying shit.I mean if I was lying, who fucking cares..obviously I want nothing to do with your sick sadistic closet homo ass get over it and sign the fucking papers. I hate how he tried to play "father of the year" when we all know how he is. Oh well HOPEFULLY it will all be over tomorrow. I think I've made it pretty clear how I feel.

On another note, todays Joy's birthday...I tried calling several times, but I see she still has that "we have an answering machine, if its important they will leave a message" attitude. Well guess what Joy..I'm not going to leave a message because that will look oh so great if somehow the sperm donor some people may call my father gets it.

Basketball starts Friday night at 12am :D We are having midnight madness again and Im really excited..yay.

That is all.
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Krista you are so strong and smart and beautiful. Fuck you are perfect and that shithole of a donor isn't going to fuck your life up. You haven't let him yet. I am here for you whenever you need me and you know that. I love you kid, like you were my sister. Actually I think I love you more. I am not going to let anything happen to you.

All you have to do is be honest with yourself and it will make him look like and ass. You did it before now you are going to do it again No worries.

I love you kid and you are in my heart forever.