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Ch ch ch ca ca ca...

Doot! Today was my first day back in 6th period basketball. Wooo! No more physical therapy..not I just have to do double..practice and then work out my knee. But its all graaaaavy.Oh wow...some of the people in 6th period basketball...are AWFUL. Its really sad, can't wait til varsity practices alone..mwaha! As for school...missing all that sucks cause I have about a pound of homework. Bleh...but today I forgot I wrote "Penis Pump" on my hand and forgot about it..hehe it was pretty funny all the questions I got. I just answered with "I like the word penis, is that a crime?"

And uhh my mom brought home a 4 day old puppy! AHAHA its sooooo tiny. We aren't keeping it but she has to watch it tonight for work.

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