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The oddest thing happened at the mediation today. Crazy as it may dad was uhm how do I put this, nice. He was joking around, sitting with my and my mom. And he came ready to sign what ever we needed to change custody. Me being there was pointless cause I didn't have to speak my half because they agreed. Then we drove to the courthouse and got it changed. We EVEN ate breakfast together.

Its crazy, but when I leave like everything at that house gets better. SO why would he want to suffer along with me? I mean I called Joy last night for her birthday and we talked and stuff. And shes like "yeah your dad's working again everythings good. He's even let me paint our room purple and fixed Amy's breaks.." I don't understand how he can change so fast but I don't really care. The conversation was nice, she was all chokey about me going down there to visit. She even asked if I wanted to talk to dad. At that time I really didn't want to see him EVER again. But Chris brought it to my attention that I can go down there with him and just leave whenever I get annoyed because Im FREE.

Oh yeah, Danny is trying to get my room. What a ho. FUCK that. You can move the fuck out.
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