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So..I made the mistake of Friday shooting the ball for about an hour..then helping Sara's mom load up the Rv..then going to play basketball at midnight madness from about 10:00 to 1:30. Mwwaha I played like shit though..but what do you expect for hardly touching a basketball in over 8 months. Didn't do horribly..but it just sucks knowing what you can do, and have done and now having to start waaaaaaay lower and work back up to that again. Rather than be the same and get even better. Yeah that confused me to. Anyways we had practice this morning, had to be there at 8:45..and lemme tell ya..I feel like shit. EVERYTHING hurts to type right now..I'm soooo out of shape its sick. Which means guess what..Im going to work out Monday from 1:40 to 4. from 4 to 6 basketball. And I'm starting my lovely diet that I lost like a lot of extra lbs awhile ago and stuff. I need this..its time to get back to work. And I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. BWAH!

Tonight Sara, Chris, Sam, Liz, Adam, and my mommy are going bowling.And only Sara my mom Sam and I would be in the living room dancing and singing to spice girls and hanson. OH YES!
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Diet? You have a dieting program that you've been holding out on me? KRISTA!?! Spill it!
Its not really like a program. Its more like...a whole lot of self control. I basically take out EVERYTHING that I eat normally. And have lovely salads fruits and veggies. And its not like I'm a vegitarian cause I eat like chicken without the sking and I still have a little bread. And eat everything in like smaller proportions. Oh yes and no more soda. x.x So let the torture begin. And why teh fawk do you need to lose weight?
I jumped from 104 to 117 in a month. That's why. I'm eating next to nothing right now as it is >< I swear this sucks ass.